Protester in scrubs leads the sunny Our NHS 70 march with megaphone Front of the #OurNHS70 march! Photo: @NHScampaigns

Tens of thousands march in London, joined by Jeremy Corbyn, from across the UK to defend the NHS on its 70th birthday and demand it is #Free4AllForever

An estimated 50,000 marched through sunny central London to Downing Street and Whitehall in the mass demonstration called by People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together and supported by the TUC and health unions. Amongst them were a whole array of groups and campaigns from across the country – from Wigan hospital strikers to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary campaign, rail and postal workers and delegations from constituency Labour parties. We’ve brought together some of the most impressive moments of the day – from Corbyn on stage to some excellent placards and fighting-spirited testimony from patients, staff and even babies! Check it out below…


— Speeches on Whitehall —


Our NHS is on its knees after eight years of Tory underfunding, privatisation and failure.

That is why on its 70th birthday, we must come together to campaign to save it.

We must defend healthcare as a human right. #OurNHS #NHS70

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 30, 2018

Great to see so many people on the streets today to show the government how much we ❤ our NHS & how ready we are to fight for it! #Free4AllForever #OurNHS70

— TUC All Together for (@TUCNHS) June 30, 2018

What a wonderful march and demo! A huge thank you to all our signing stewards, platform interpreters and of course everyone who came down and joined the BSL Block! #ourNHS70 #Free4AllForever #BSLBlock

— NUBSLI (@NUBSLI) June 30, 2018

Marched with 1000’s for #OurNHS, watched the amazing Argentina/France game, now heading to watch @TheJungleLDN. Not your typical Saturday, but what a day!

— Ralf Little (@RalfLittle) June 30, 2018

Jeeves Wij, BMA Junior Doctors Committee Chair

The winter lasted all year. This cannot go on. For too long NHS staff have done their best without the tools for the job. There is no more to give @AskJeevesWij #OurNHS70

— Elisabeth Mahase (@emahase95) June 30, 2018


— On the march! —

Tens of thousands of people are on the streets of London celebrating 70 years of #OurNHS and demanding that it stays #Free4AllForver The Conservatives are trying to destroy our NHS. They want to sell it off to their rich mates in the city. It’s up to all of us to save it.

— UK Uncut (@UKuncut) June 30, 2018

Who’s NHS? #OurNHS70

— HCT (@nhscampaigns) 30 June 2018

And we’re off! #OurNHS70

— Save Our NHS Kent (@saveournhskent) June 30, 2018

Marching to celebrate and fight for one of our greatest creations – the National Health Service. It brought me into this world and gave me an extra 10 years with my mum. Thank you NHS! #OurNHS70 #Free4AllForever

— Faiza Shaheen (@faizashaheen) June 30, 2018

#Free4AllForever #ourNHS70 #NHS70

— RCMNick (@RCMNickC) June 30, 2018


— Video action —

People’s Assembly LIVE VIDEO – from march to closing speeches!

All out against Trump’s visit on 13 July 2pm at Downing Street:

At Downing Street today…

NHS birthday cake!

Massive 70th Birthday Cake #ournhs70

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 30, 2018



— Save Our NHS Kent (@saveournhskent) June 30, 2018

No Borders in #OurNHS70

— Save Our NHS Kent (@saveournhskent) June 30, 2018


— Best placards —

What a picture!!!!! #ournhs70

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 30, 2018

Not long now before this party gets started. #OurNHS70

— Lambeth KONP (@LambethKONP) June 30, 2018

Great day down here in London at the #OurNHS70 demonstration or birthday celebration. Bit emotional too. #OurNHS #Free4AllForever #BornInTheNHS

— Steele Stewart (@MisterVeggyStew) June 30, 2018


— Ellen (@elb_ess) June 30, 2018

The most important message Fight as if your lives depend on it – because they do #OurNHS70 #Free4AllForever

— Keep Our NHS Public (@keepnhspublic) June 30, 2018

We’re in the beautiful sunshine demanding no borders in the NHS. Come join us the #Free4AllForever demo!

— DocsNotCops (@DocsNotCops) June 30, 2018

Placards ready for our NHS 70th anniversary celebration in London today. What decade are you dressing as? Catch you there. I’ll be the 90’s raver #NHS70 #OurNHS70 #NHS #saveournhs #7decadesofnhs #90srave #90s

— Hazel Wood (@HazelWood269) June 30, 2018


— Save Our NHS Kent (@saveournhskent) June 30, 2018

Too right #OurNHS70

— Save Our NHS Kent (@saveournhskent) June 30, 2018

Hi Joanne! Lovely to see old friends on the march today. And make new ones. The fighters for the #NHS will never give up #OurNHS #Free4AllForever

— Keep Our NHS Public (@keepnhspublic) June 30, 2018

Better weather than last time, same great message!! #Free4AllForEver #ourNHS70 @pplsassembly @EDNNUH

— Alice (@MrsAliceR) June 30, 2018


— Solidarity from the frontlines and across UK! —

Nurses on the march…

Team from @theRCN all set for #OurNHS70 march!

— Chris Longhurst (@news_rcni) June 30, 2018

Great day at #OurNHS70 celebration and demonstration! Thousands of people gathered to show their support for OUR NHS! ❤
Great to see @KateYoungs1 and @SamSpence01 again too! @thercn @RCNStudents @RCNWestMids #studentnurse #Free4AllForever

— Natalie Slater (@NatalieJ_Slater) June 30, 2018


Babies for the NHS

Currently in hospital with my beautiful 5 day old #twins. @gnorthfield and I owe the #NHS everything for looking after us so well over this past week. #OurNHS70 is worth fighting for – Elsie and Arthur have started already!

— Nicky Evans (@nickyevansbsl) June 30, 2018

Happy Birthday NHS! We can’t be on the march today, but showing our support!
Big thank you to all of the people who supported us through pregnancy, birth and the first very difficult 9 days of Polly’s life.
Such an amazing and important resource – long live the NHS!

— Vic Tweedie (@VicTweedie) June 30, 2018

Wigan strikers…

Greeting from this morning’s picket line in Wigan to all marching in London to save #OurNHS #saynotosubco #saynotowwlsolutions #Free4AllForever

— North West UNISON (@NorthWestUNISON) June 30, 2018

#ourNHS70 Wrightington Wigan & Leigh strikers vs private SubCos arrive at the march. #Free4AllForever

— Keep Our NHS Public (@keepnhspublic) June 30, 2018

A little message from @jeremycorbyn to the @WWLNHS strikers!#saynotosubco #SaveOurNHS #HandsOffOurNHS #Wigan #wwl #Unison #100percentNHS #wrightington #leigh #NHS #unite #saynotoprivatisation #wwlfamily #stillsaynotosubco #OurNHS70 #NHS70 #Free4AllForever

— #SAVEOURNHS (@SaveWWLNHS) June 30, 2018

Patients and staff speak up

“Don’t be fooled by May and Hunt.” This district nurse from London tells me why she’s on the #OurNHS70 rally. @LBC

— Tom Phipps (@tomphippsnews) June 30, 2018

“My son is in Crisis there are 19 people waiting for a mental health bed in Nottingham.. just last night” #OURNHS70 this is a scandal

— ARTIST TAXI DRIVER (@chunkymark) June 30, 2018


KOSHH (Keep Our St Helier Hospital) at the #OurNHS70 March in London today #OurNHS #NHS #NHS70

— Claire Jackson-Prior #NHS #MMT (@Lizzieebeth) June 30, 2018


Great to see my Northern compatriots at the London #ourNHS70 #Free4allForever march #Barnsley

— Fiona Dent (@FionaDentLabour) June 30, 2018


Supporting #OURNHS70 in Bellingham – we will defend #OurNHS to be #Free4AllForever

— Bellingham Labour (@BellinghamBLP) June 30, 2018


For the many, not the few! ✊#BristolHealthCampaigns #Bristol #NHS70 march. #Free4AllForever

— Social Care Johnny (@JohnSocial6) June 30, 2018


“I fought alongside our Lewisham family to save Lewisham Hospital… I’ll never stop fighting for #ourNHS” – @JanetDaby

— James Rathbone (@JamesARathbone) June 30, 2018

From the festivals…

celebrate and support #ourNHS on its 70th birthday . #NHSbigblueheart #NHS70



— Unions out —


#OurNHS70 #Free4AllForever

— SOS NHS DERBY (@SosNhsDerby) June 30, 2018


Representatives of the BMA standing together for the NHS today #OurNHS70

— The BMA (@TheBMA) June 30, 2018

‘We must keep up the pressure, keep campaigning, keep making noise like today – because it is clearer now than ever that we will keep fighting for our NHS. Free, for all, forever. @AskJeevesWij #OurNHS70

— The BMA (@TheBMA) June 30, 2018


UNISON balloons at Piccadilly Circus #ourNHS70

— UNISON Health (@UNISONOurNHS) June 30, 2018

On to Whitehall #ourNHS70 #UNISON

— UNISON Health (@UNISONOurNHS) June 30, 2018


A little bit sunburnt but a whole lot proud of #GMB crowd at today’s #OurNhs70 March in London. Especially @HelenOConnorNHS closing speech to huge cheers when she spoke of 87% of GMB members saying No to the governments real terms pay cut for #NHS staff. #itsaNOfromUs

— Rachel Harrison GMB (@RHarrisonGMB) 30 June 2018

Jack Sherwood

Jack Sherwood has been an organiser in the People's Assembly and Stop the War. Based in Bristol, he coordinated the largest demonstrations and public meetings in the city 2014-2019: against austerity, in support of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of Labour, over the Junior Doctors' struggle and against the British bombing of Syria.