A selection of Lindsey German’s briefings from the 2017 to the 2019 general elections which present an analysis of Corbynism and the state of British politics as it happened


As It Happened: Briefings From Two Years of Turmoil, 2017-2019, Lindsey German, Counterfire 2020

As It Happened

Lindsey German’s briefings are acclaimed for their insightful political comment and as a sane alternative to the right-wing bias we face elsewhere. As It Happened: Briefings from Two Years of Turmoil, collects some of the key briefings from one of the most turbulent periods in recent British politics, between Labour’s unexpectedly positive result in the 2017 general election and Johnson’s victory in December 2019. It’s a real-time history which can help us understand what went wrong and how the left can move forward.