The Coalition of the Youth of the Wrath Revolution has issued a statement calling for the resignation of President Mubarak and the transition to a democratic system.

The Solution to the Crisis

The current crisis and turmoil cannot go on. And after the people expressed their sentiments, the only way out of the current situation is the resignation of Mubarak, the cause of all hardship that Egyptians endured throughout the past 30 years, the cause of the current paralysis of the Egyptian economy, and the consequent suffering of large sections of Egyptian society – especially those who depend on a daily wage. He is also responsible for the bloodshed that took place in the past few days through gangs of thugs, snipers, and security forces.

The resignation of Mubarak is the first step towards a democratic system based on the abolition of emergency law and all laws restricting our freedom. This includes a peaceful transfer of power and the freedom to form political parties and syndicates. It is possible for all Egyptians to defend their interest in a decent life based on social justice, freedom and human dignity.


Sayyed Hegab – Poet

Alaa El Aswany – Novelist

Ahdaf Soueif – Guardian Columnist and Novelist

Fatheyya El Assal – Scriptwriter

Fahmy Howiedy – Journalist and Columnist

Ibrahim Eissa – Ex-Editor-in-chief of El-Dostoor newspaper

Khaled Abo Elnaga – Actor

Khaled El Sawy – Actor

Dawood Abdel Sayyed – Film Director

Mohamed Khan – Film Director

Khaled Yousef – Film Director

Basma – Actor

Amr Waked – Actor

Mahfouz Abdelrahman – Scriptwriter

Belal Fadl – Columnist in El-Masry Elyoum newspaper and script writer

Amina EL-Rashid – Professor of French Literature in Cairo University

Sayyed El-Bahrawy – Professor of Arabic Literature

Mohamed Abla – Artist

Nader Fergany – Ex-Lead author, Editor, Arab Regional Human development Report, UNDP

Khaled Elbalshy – Editor-in-chief of El-Badeel newspaper

Mohamed Ali – Film Director

Kamla Abo Zekry – Film Director

Nancy Abdel Fatah – DOP

Mohamed Khair – Novelist

And 50 other artists and intellectuals.