NHS workers in strike in 2014 NHS workers in strike in 2014

The Jarrow marchers are organising a convention to help unite NHS campaigners throughout the country

999 Call for the NHS invites all NHS campaigners, activists, trade unions and concerned citizens to join a National Convention to Save the NHS.

The idea for the 999 Convention for the NHS grew from the 999 Peoples March for the NHS which marched from Jarrow to London in August & September 2014.    

The People’s March was a huge success. But while there are many NHS campaigns and organisations at a national, regional and local level, there is more to be done to unite the voice of the people involved in the fight for the NHS.   

The ‘999 Convention for the NHS’ in February 2015 will bring together campaigners from across the country to connect face to face and join forces.

It will be a chance to discuss the way forward and coordinate days of action in the run up to the General Election. We need national and regional events to put the NHS at the centre of political idscussion and preparing the ground for the fight beyond the election results. And we will need to continue to campaign to defend the NHS whichever party wins the general election.

We want to make the ground shake with protests, marches and direct action so the Tories can never harm our NHS again, and other parties to realise they must not imitate the present coalition policies on NHS privatisation.  

We want the energy of the mass protests in defence of Lewisham and Stafford hospitals, united with the determination of the 999 Marchers, combined with the vitality and direct action of UK Uncut and tax avoidance campaigners, occupying banks and blocking bridges to protect the NHS.

Discussions have taken place with key figures from other organisations including KONP, National Health Action Party, and local NHS campaign groups who have already indicated support.

Get involved!

24 January – Open planning meeting

Venue TBC – email [email protected]for more details and to register your interest.

For activists from all NHS campaigns (KONP, Save our hospital campaigns, Trade union branches etc). The meeting will be a forum to set the agenda, develop ideas for campaigns and plan how to ensure turn out from campaigns across the country.

14 February – Valentines day for the NHS – No Cuts! No Closures! No PFI! 

In the face of government attacks on the NHS, a day for showing our love and support for the entire NHS; with protests, rallies and direct action around the country to demonstrate we won’t let it be taken away from us.

All NHS campaign groups are invited to coordinate rallies and protests on this day to show support for their local NHS services, and oppose the governments privatisation agenda.

28 February – 999 Convention for the NHS

A massive national convention for all NHS campaigners across Britain to come together before the general election. It will be an opportunity to share experiences, make links between campaigns, and plan days of action in the run up to the general election.  We need to develop coordination across our movement so we can put maximum pressure on the Tories before the election, and ensure we’re in a strong position to keep fighting for the NHS whichever government comes to power.

Venue to be confirmed.

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