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Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs on January 18th 2016. Photo: Youtube / UK Parliament

What PMQs told us about Brexit and the NHS

In this week's Prime Minister's Questions, Corbyn and May battled on Brexit and the NHS. Cameron Panting takes a look at the reality behind the rhetoric

  • Written by Cameron Panting
  • Category: Opinion
PM Theresa May at the Sun Military Awards 2016

Their Brexit and ours

The din of ruling class squabbling should not distract socialists from their own agendas, contends Lindsey German

  • Written by Lindsey German
  • Category: Opinion
Alan Duncan

The spy who came in from the shadows

Compare the Trump spy scandal and the Israeli spy scandal and it tells us a lot about the media and the political establishment, argues Kara Bryan

  • Written by Kara Bryan
  • Category: Opinion
jeremy hunt

NHS: close to breaking point

There will always be forces that seek to destroy the NHS, so the fight to defend it must be one that every generation takes on, writes junior doctor Mona Kamal

  • Written by Mona Kamal
  • Category: Opinion
nhs demo

NHS: a manufactured crisis

We must mobilise against the biggest threat to our healthcare service in history, writes Danielle Tiplady

  • Written by Danielle Tiplady
  • Category: Opinion

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