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Should World War One be remembered as a noble and just cause, or as slaughter of over 15 million people? Debate organised by Stop the War Coalition and supported by No Glory, filmed by Paul Hanes


In the year commemorating the start of the first world war 100 years ago, how should the war be remembered? Was it, as education secretary Michael Gove believes, "a noble and just cause" defending freedom and liberal democracy? Or was it a slaughter that killed over 15 million people waged by imperial powers competing to carve up the world and its resources?

This debate, organised by Stop the War Coalition and supported by No Glory, will address these issues, which are already causing widespread controversy.


Julian Brazier MP
John Blake History teacher, editor of Labour Teachers
Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition
Jeremy Corbyn MP

Tagged under: World War I
Paul Hanes

Paul Hanes

Paul Hanes is a member of Counterfire who started Fourman Films in 2003 after his first feature documentary that year. He is an award winning film maker, active trade unionist and a prolific video blogger and citizen journalist. He has over 1,000 YouTube videos which form an historic and in depth record of the movement, often overlooked by the mainstream media.