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Alexandra Kollontai: Class and women’s oppression

Alexandra KollontaiWhen will someone make a film about the incredible life of Alexandra Kollontai? Born into a rich family, she rebelled with an 'unsuitable' marriage, was radicalised by visits to textile factories, became a political campaigner in the late 1890's and then left her husband and child to study Marxism in Europe.

  • Written by Alexandra Kollontai, introduced by Tansy E Hoskins
  • Category: Marxist History

Lukács, Lenin, the vanguard party and the working class

V.I.LeninIt is the Russian Revolution and its achievements that gives Lenin his place in history. But it is also the degradation of the original revolutionary spirit under Stalinism that largely accounts for Lenin's poor reputation, even on the left.

  • Written by György Lukács, introduction by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Theory

Nakba: Tony Cliff on the roots of Israel’s violence

Israeli troopsIn 1948 zionist militias launched a war that turned thousands of Palestinians into permanent refugees. Alex Snowdon introduces an account by Jewish socialist and anti-zionist Tony Cliff.

  • Written by Tony Cliff, Introduction by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Theory

Global crisis and anti-capitalist revolution

Faced with the crisis in Greece and the imminent cuts in Britain, Neil Faulkner argues for mass struggle from below to place control over the planet and its resources in the hands of ordinary working people.

  • Written by Neil Faulkner
  • Category: The Crisis

International Socialists in the 1960s

anti-Vietnam war protest, 1968

To mark the 10th anniversary of Tony Cliff's death in April 2000 Alex Snowdon analyses the development of the radical Marxist's trailblazing organisation, the International Socialists.

System Change Not Climate Change

Planet not Profit placard

The recent international climate change talks and protests in Copenhagen have highlighted the issue of climate change. At the same time, leaked emails from the University of East Anglia and minor errors in IPCC reports are being used to promote a new round of climate change denial.

  • Written by Elaine Graham-Leigh
  • Category: Climate change

The workers, the unions, and the crisis

The working class is central to any project for revolutionary change. Yet today strikes are at an historical low. How do we help transform the bitterness at the base of society into action?

Anti-capitalism ten years after Seattle

Seattle 1999

In 1999 thousands of activists fought with riot police to close down the WTO conference in Seattle. Ten years on Chris Nineham looks at the future of the anti-capitalist movement.

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