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Karl Marx and Frederich Engels in lego form

The Communist Manifesto - key texts

The Communist Manifesto is a pamphlet that refuses to die. As incendiary as the day it was published, Paul Vernell unpacks this founding document

  • Written by Paul Vernell
  • Category: Theory
British soldiers in the First World War.

Trotsky on 'gradualness' - key texts

Trotsky's polemic against gradualness shows Britain's history has been shaped by conflict and revolution. This 'key text' is introduced by Alex Snowdon

  • Written by Leon Trotsky
  • Category: Theory
Karl Marx

Is Marxism still relevant? Key texts

The 'S' word is back. Here Chris Nineham introduces a brilliant short defence of Marxism by Tony Cliff as part of our 'key texts' series

  • Written by Tony Cliff
  • Category: Theory
Wahol Lenin

Lenin and the Labour Party - lessons for today?

As Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for Labour leader gains seemingly unstoppable momentum, John Rees looks at some of the debates on the left at the time of the formation of the Labour Party

  • Written by John Rees
  • Category: Theory

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