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Change is on the political agenda for this first time in decades. This Saturday activists are coming together to discuss the ideas and experience of the socialist movement to help chart the way forward

It is infinitely refreshing, and still shocking, to hear a Labour leader point blank contradict the establishment view on war, Trident and austerity. Radical change is on the agenda in a way we haven't seen for decades. Jeremy Corbyn's win has broken the hold of neoliberal ideas that have stifled mainstream debate and has uncovered the fact that millions in Britain are looking for a different kind of politics. It has raised hopes and expectations, and the level of debate.

But the summer's dramatic events have also raised a series of important questions. To what extent can the Labour Party become a vehicle for radical change? How best to tackle the right-wing in the party? How can the institutions of establishment power - the media, the civil service, the military and so forth - be dealt with? And what is the role of mass movements in all this?

Socialism in a Day aims to help address these questions and more, by examining the ideas and the experience of the socialist movement and exploring a series of crucial debates. There will be in-depth analysis of the history of the Labour Party introduced by historian Kate Connelly. Convenor of Stop the War Coalition and socialist writer Lindsey German will examine the two souls of socialism. Former student leader Tom Whittaker will discuss the state and revolution and writer and broadcaster John Rees will talk about the relationship between socialists and the movement.

Ideas, analysis and debate have never been more important. Make sure you are involved. Book now for Socialism in a Day.

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