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Wanted: A Strong and Independent BBC

The BBC's deal with the ConDems will see their budget cut and puts their role as a public institution in jeopardy. Despite its faults, we must defend the BBC from cuts and fight for its independence, argues Des Freedman.

Best days of your life? Children and the cuts

children living in povertyUnless your parents are wealthy, today is not the time to be a child in Britain. All children deserve to feel safe and secure, be fed and clothed, have adequate housing and receive a good education. Not much to ask you might think, but certainly too much for the ConDems to deliver.

Don’t Let Gove Hijack History

The Con-Dems have a dream of one nation united by a common national story. Their attempts to co-opt history teaching to this end must be stopped.

Defending science and resisting the ConDem cuts

Science ProtestorsSaturday's demonstration was the first national demonstration organised by scientists, in defence of science, for decades. The size of the protest against threatened spending cuts is a measure of just how serious that threat now is.

Fighting the cuts and building the alternative

Cameron cleaverThe massive public spending cuts being forced through by the Coalition are an attempt to make us pay for the failure of a system run for the benefit of a rich and powerful minority. We need to organise to resist the cuts and overthrow this system.

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