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30 June: a day for the whole movement

March 26th familyWhether ballot results are in, or unions still await them, it is becoming clear that Thursday 30 June will be a nationally co-ordinated day of strikes opposing public sector cuts. It is shaping up to be a decisive test for the movement argues Alex Snowdon.

Schools, not bonuses

The government's drive to wreck education continues. In Doncaster, the council has a hit list of seven schools that it wants to close, but the local community has other ideas.

Throw the book at Con-Dem cultural vandals!

Ed Miliband has rightly called the Con-Dems’ decision to close up to 350 libraries ‘cultural vandalism’. He got the phrase from children’s author Alan Gibbons who has achieved widespread support for his work in building a national campaign to oppose library closures, The Campaign for the Book.

Violent minority - cartoon by Chris Bird

cartoon by Chris BirdCartoonist Chris Bird's take on the actions of a violent minority guilty of wrecking property and endangering human life in the pursuit of a political agenda rejected by the majority of voters.

Protest Works

At school our history lessons teach us that single individuals can change the world. The lesser told story is how mass action fells governments, prevents wars and wins democratic rights.

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