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"Bloody passengers" - scabbing BA pilots start to crack

Pickets gesture at planeBritish Airways has relied upon an army of nearly 300 pilots volunteering to do the work of striking cabin crew. These pilots are actively participating in breaking the unity of workers, who overwhelmingly voted to defend themselves from BA’s attacks on their terms and conditions.

  • Written by Katherine Connelly
  • Category: Latest News

Hopes for a general strike in Spain

Spain Strikers June 200Following a massive demonstration by public sector workers in Spain, unions warn of a general strike if labour market reforms are imposed.

  • Written by Feyzi Ismail
  • Category: Latest News

John Pilger: the heresy of the Greeks offers hope

greek general strikeJohn Pilger inverts the perception of Greece as a "junk country" and sees hope in the uprising of ordinary Greeks protesting against the "bailout" of an economy plunged into debt by the tax-evading rich.

  • Written by John Pilger
  • Category: Latest News

Cutting through the greenwash on 10:10

1010 clegg and cameronLast October it was a blow when the Lib Dem’s attempt to get the government to take up 10:10 was voted down by Parliament. It seems great that the government has now signed up to it.

  • Written by Peter Robinson
  • Category: Latest News