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John Pilger: the heresy of the Greeks offers hope

greek general strikeJohn Pilger inverts the perception of Greece as a "junk country" and sees hope in the uprising of ordinary Greeks protesting against the "bailout" of an economy plunged into debt by the tax-evading rich.

  • Written by John Pilger
  • Category: Latest News

Cutting through the greenwash on 10:10

1010 clegg and cameronLast October it was a blow when the Lib Dem’s attempt to get the government to take up 10:10 was voted down by Parliament. It seems great that the government has now signed up to it.

  • Written by Peter Robinson
  • Category: Latest News

Main parties lying to electorate on cuts

cuts electionThe cuts will bite deeper than the politicians are letting on. A leading think tank today warned that all three main parties are failing to be honest about the scale of planned public sector cuts.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Latest News