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North East: the impact of cuts

public service alliance bannerThe excellent Touchstone blog is one of the better things about the TUC. It provides a wealth of invaluable information about government cuts and their impact, meticulously tracking the cuts in its CutsWatch series - and skilfully demolishing claims that ConDem plans can be considered progressive.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Latest News

Police to prevent protestors marching past Tory conference

PoliceDespite a high profile campaign, West Midlands Police are still denying the marchers access to the part of Broad Street in Birmingham city centre which goes past the conference centre. Police will seal off the area round the conference with fixed barriers.

  • Written by Alex Snowdon
  • Category: Latest News

Countering the EDL in Bradford

EDL in BradfordThe racist EDL dubbed their demonstration in Bradford ‘The Big One’ and promised to get 5,000 there. The event turned out to be the ‘not so big one’ with somewhere in the region of 1,000 there.

  • Written by John Westmoreland
  • Category: Latest News

Ahava blockade activists aquitted

Ahava activists 10 August 2010With the Boycott and Divestment campaigns against Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine picking up steam, last week saw the acquittal of four activists who blockaded and shut down Ahava Cosmetics Store in Covent Garden.

  • Written by Paul Hanes
  • Category: Latest News