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A "Gathering of Friends" has been called against the possible deportation of Farah Ghaemi and her sons, Mehrshad, 10, and Ahmad, 18.

Please meet at 1:45 pm Wednesday 22nd September outside:
Manchester High Court of Justice
Manchester Civil Justice Centre
1 Bridge Street West
M60 9DJ

The situation for Child M and his family remains very serious this weekend. There is a hearing on Wednesday 22nd September at 2pm at the High Court in Manchester. A final decision will be taken as to whether or not Mehrshad's rights as a child have been properly considered in their asylum case.

Mehrshad is now 10. He has:

  • spent 10 weeks in detention in the UK
  • been subjected to full body searches at Heathrow airport
  • been held in a van for several hours with no member of his family present while his mum received hospital treatment
  • suffered physically and psycologically at the hands of the UK government
  • lived with fear and uncertainty about his future and that of his family

Enough is enough. He is a little boy.
As a campaign our demand is simple. Whatever the outcome in court on Wednesday Child M and his family must be given the right to stay in the UK.

Child M needs your support

We have a 2 things to ask you to do:

1. If you can come to the court on Wednesday, please do so. It is a public hearing and it is vital we show the significant level of support the family have in their community.

2. We also call on friends and supporters to join us for a 'Gathering of Friends' outside Manchester Town Hall (St Peter's Square side) from 5pm on Wednesday.

We need as many people there as possible. Please come. It may be our last chance to show solidarity with Child M and his family. We urge you to come.

Child M and his family must be allowed to remain safely here in the UK.

Please join us in Manchester on Wednesday at 1.45pm and/or 5pm. Public support for Child M and his family is vital at this stage of the campaign.

Without your support we will not win.

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