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Tube union RMT confirmed this morning that support for strike action amongst both TSSA and RMT members remains rock solid as the two unions continue their fight for tube safety and safe staffing levels.

RMT memberRMT are also filing reports this morning with the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) detailing clear breaches of safety regulations:

  • On the Bakerloo Line a limited 'shuttle service' is running non-stop from Marylebone to Queens Park passing through six closed stations - a clear breach of the fire regulations that stipulate if three stations in a row are closed the service should be suspended as an incident in a tunnel would make safe evacuation impossible.
  • A similar situation on the District Line where Embankment, Temple, Blackfriars and Mansion House are closed with Cannon St expected to close - but trains still being allowed to run through in contravention of regulations.
  • 150 passengers dumped off a train on the Central Line at Leytonstone and forced to climb over fences to get out of the closed station after managers were caught out trying to run an under-staffed service and were forced to cancel in mid-stream.
  • RMT have also dismissed TfL claims that a normal service is running on the Northern Line even though a large number of stations on the route are closed.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

"The message to the Mayor and his transport officials this morning is clear - stop playing fast and loose with safety, stop the drive towards unstaffed stations, drop the threat of these lethal cuts and start meaningful talks on a safe and secure future for the London tube system,

"Our members have shown in their rock solid support for this action that they will not sit idly by while staffing levels are hacked to the bone and the management open the door to a major disaster.

"We are also compiling evidence of breaches of post Kings Cross safety regulations that are being given the green light by management this morning. Those regulations are there for a purpose, breaking them is a lethal gamble with passenger safety to maintain a PR front and that's a scandal."

Strike solid as RMT demands rail regulator investigation into breaches of post-kings cross fire safety rules

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