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Tony Blair's decision to cancel his party at Tate Modern gallery today, following him pulling out of a book-signing at Waterstone's, is another victory for the anti war movement and for the overwhelming majority in Britain who oppose his wars.

Tony Blair by Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps

With Blair running scared of peaceful, democratic protests, Stop the War has cancelled the demonstration against Tate Modern being used to celebrate the publication of a war criminal's book.

The number of prominent artists who supported the Tate protest is yet another indication of how widespread is the determination that Blair will one day be held to account for his war crimes in Iraq.

Tomorrow will be the first time MPs vote on the war in Afghanistan, Stop the War has organised a meeting in the House of Commons:

Public Meeting: Afghanistan - Time To Go

Wednesday 8 September 7pm
House Of Commons (rightside entrance):
Speakers include
Caroline Lucas MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP

Paul Flynn MP
Joan Humphries (Military Families)

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