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Blair was pelted with eggs and shoes at the Dublin book signing to promote his memoirs. In the UK An open letter has been published in the Guardian urging Waterstone's to cancel a book-signing on 8 September - a protest has been called outside the store.

BBC news coverage of the Dublin protest

Letter to The Guardian, 18 August 2010

Signed by, among others, novelists Iain Banks and AL Kennedy, journalist John Pilger, composer Michael Nyman, former Guantanamo detainee Moazzem Begg, ex-soldier Ben Griffin and artist Tanya Tier:

"We urge Waterstone's to reconsider its decision to host a book-signing on 8 September for Tony Blair to launch the publication of his memoirs. We believe this event will be deeply offensive to most people in Britain. A large majority of the British public say Mr Blair told lies and fabricated evidence to take Britain into a war with Iraq that he knew to be illegal under international law."

Read the full letter here...

Add your voice

Use our eLobby tool to email Waterstone's calling for the cancellation of Tony Blair's book-signing on 8 September. It takes less than two minutes.
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Join the protest at Waterstone's on Wednesday 8 September

If Blair's book-signing is not cancelled, Stop the War will hold a protest outside Waterstone's in Piccadilly, London, at 12.30pm to ensure that the voice of Britain's anti-war majority is represented.

from Stop the War

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