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'Milk snatching' health minister Anne Milton MP doesn't think the taxpayer should provide free milk to deprived school children - but doesn't mind milking £13,000 in expenses to pay her hubby for "research".

The former NHS nurse paid £6,500 a year to her husband Dr Graham Henderson in 2005 and 2006 out of her Westminster costs, according to documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

At the time Henderson would have expertise in heath - and would have been earning a significant salary - as Director of Public Health for the East Surrey Primary Care Trust.

Public health

As Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads has previously pointed out, Henderson appears to have breached the NHS code of conduct by failing to declare these earnings.

Moreover, Milton can also be accused of rank hypocrisy having told her constituents as recently as July that: "One of the Government’s most important aims is to reduce these inequalities by focusing on a pro-active approach to the nation’s health.

"Prevention is always better than cure and as Minister for Public Health I will do all I can to make Guildford and the UK healthier.”

With 25 years of experience working for the NHS and the benefit of £13,000 in research from a director of health, it's a surprise that former spin merchant and prime minister David Cameron was forced to stand in to prevent her snatching milk out of the mouth of babes.


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