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Diane Abbott, the most left-wing of the Labour party leadership contenders, has become the latest high profile politician to sign up to the Coalition of Resistance launch document.

Diane Abbott MPThe MP for Hackney South and Stoke Newington has become a magnet within the Labour party for radical activists, feminists and anti-racists after scraping into the leadership battle.

She has now joined Lee Jasper, Ken Livingston's closest advistor and joint co-ordinator of Black Activists Rise Against Cuts (Barac), and John McDonnell MP in calling for a united, national campaign against the coalition Government's drastic and unnecessary cuts in public services.

The Coalition of Resistance has been supported by a broad range of political leaders, including Tony Benn and Green party MP Caroline Lucas, trade unionists and public figures from the left.

The statement, first published in the Guardian last week, provoked a flood of support with thousands of people emailing to add their name to the document.

An interim steering committee for the coalition will meet tomorrow to decide how the campaign will progress.

The Coalition of Resistance: Against Cuts and Privatisation will hold its first organising conference from 10am on Saturday, November 27 at the Camden Centre in London. Due to the unprecedented level of interest a national speaking tour is also being hastily discussed.

The campaign website can be found http://www.coalitionofresistance.wordpress.com while people can also join the Facebook fan and events pages.

To sign the statement and join the campaign email [email protected].

Press enquiries should be directed to Andrew Burgin on 07939 242229.


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