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As opposition to the ConDem’s cuts measures gathers pace, rail union RMT will be holding a demonstration outside the National Rail Conference, where Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond is key-note speaker, today.

RMT LogoThe demonstration, under the banner “Rail Cuts Cost Lives”, will start at 9am on Thursday 8th July outside the main entrance to the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool.
RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“We know that the ConDem Government are planning to carpet-bomb our public services with unprecedented levels of cuts that will rip apart the key building blocks of our society.

"With cuts of up to 40% in the transport budget we are looking at thousands of job losses amongst the staff who operate and maintain services with dire consequences for passenger safety as corners are cut. It is crystal clear that modernisation and upgrade works will be axed with high speed, electrification and Crossrail all on the butchers block.

"With the Government also planning to raise fares by up to 10% it doesn't take a genius to see that the state-funded racket of rail privatisation is being protected from the scorched-earth economics of the ConDems. Meanwhile, rolling stock replacements are being scrapped and station refurbishments scaled back.

“The public will be forced to pay through the nose to travel on obsolete and crowded trains on creaking and dangerous track out of crumbling and dingy stations while the private rail companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

“Thursday’s demonstration will give us an opportunity to ram the point home to the Transport Secretary that “Rail Cuts Cost Lives”. RMT will not sit back and wait for another Hatfield or Potters Bar tragedy on our railways before we act. Thursday’s demonstration is just a part of the growing Trade Union fight back against the cuts.”

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