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English Defence League thugs attempted to attack a meeting in Wythenshawe attended by George Galloway yesterday but were prevented from entering the hall by security guards.

One of the EDL members involved in the attack posted a video of the botched attempt and then removed it - but not quickly enough to stop an anti-EDL activist re-posting it.

Video reposted by dumbassadoedoe

According to the One Million United website
"The forum, taking place in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, was listening to a speech by Galloway when around half a dozen EDL members nervously entered and exited the building a few times, before scuffling with security guards, and attempting to breach security to enter the room and allegedly attack Galloway. Fortunately, Galloway’s security team were efficient, and three EDLers were forcibly removed from the area, while the fourth, ‘Mike Judge’, was dragged into the meeting room, given a going over, and promptly arrested by police."

In line with their Goebbels style approach to truth the EDL claim that their arrested member ‘Mike Judge’ has been kidnapped and beaten, and that they were ’set upon’ by a gang of Muslims.

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