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CWU logoWorkers in British Telecom are voting in a ballot for industrial action. This looks set to be the first national strike at the company for over 20 years.

The Communication Workers Union is seeking a 5 per cent pay increase after workers helped cut costs by £1.75bn and accepted a pay freeze last year.

BT made an annual profit of over £1 billion. The company CEO received a 6 per cent increase and a bonus of £1.2m.

So the ‘final’ offer from BT to workers of 2 per cent this year and 3 per cent next year has been met with anger. The company also offered us two payments of £250, one of which is based on an undisclosed performance target. This is less than crumbs.

BT has held emergency pay meetings to try to persuade staff to vote against the strike action. Many of the meetings have seen angry discussions between management and workers. They have backfired on management, cementing support behind the union.

We have seen that the company can afford to pay massive bonuses and above inflation pay rises to the richest few at the top of the company, but treat the people who deliver the profits with utter contempt.

Workers now look set to back the CWU and say to BT: we are worth more.

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