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About 20 members of the racist and fascist-linked EDL came to Whitechapel Tuesday evening. They were promptly run out of town with a police escort.

They came out of the tube station, seemingly looking for a pub to drink in. Local people quickly recognised who they were and word went out. After about ten minutes the EDL yobs went back into the station, pursued by local youth and with police protection. There were no arrests.

EDL protester

There are reports (unconfirmed) that one Asian/Bengali man was attacked. Our supporters checked near-by stations and pubs to ensure there was no further sign of the EDL.

About 100-200 people assembled back at East London Mosque where myself, Fr Alan Green, Councillor Abdal Ullah, Abjol Miah and the Imam encouraged everyone to take this evening as a reminder of the true nature and threat of the EDL, and the importance of Sunday's demonstration.

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