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Firefighters in Norfolk are determined to oppose planned cuts to local fire services. Firefighters and their supporters are dismayed at Norfolk Fire Authority's announcement of fresh cuts to services.

The authority's Safety Plan states that 'Norfolk is one of the safest counties in England and our fire and rescue service is helping to make it even safer'. Their safety plan is about to change all that.

The authority plans to make "savings" of £100,000 by removing a retained pump at Gorleston. It also plans to reduce the Carrow fire fighting appliance to a single appliance and withdraw a 2nd appliance at road traffic accidents and smaller fires.

These changes will jeopardise safety and undermine central government claims that public sector cuts will not affect "frontline services".

The authority is reducing coverage in rural areas and changing provisions in Gorleston and Great Yarmouth. This will affect jobs as well as public safety - it will mean a reduction in 14 firefighter posts, possibly with a further 12 to follow.

The firefighters' FBU union and King's Lynn Trades Council have already declared they are committed to fighting these life-threatening cuts.

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