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A member of British Airways cabin crew has been suspended for writing the comment "OMG" on a Facebook page.

BASSA Rep Penny White speaking at Can't Pay, Won't Pay rally

The member of staff - who cannot be named - was disciplined during the nine-day strike, according to full time BASSA staff member Penny White.

White said a second member of staff was suspended for bullying and harrasment because during check in they said to a colleague: "I hope you're not training as cabin crew."

She said: "There is a campaign of fear that's come all the way from the top. People are terrified.

If they speak to the media they're using false names. They are changing thier messages on their phones in case thier mangers recognise their voices."

The strike has so far cost British Airways £60 million. Staff offered a deal which would have saved the firm £63 million - which includes a 2.3 percent pay cut and a pay freeze.

Many staff simply cannot afford to travel to work because BA has withdrawn staff travel rights.

White added: "Willy Walsh will not reinstate staff travel because of ego. He will not back down. He wants to smash the union so he can hire himself out to the next company."

She was speaking at the Can't Pay, Won't Pay event before a full house at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square London.


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