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Middlesex University management have suspended Philosophy students, along with Philosophy professors Peter Osborne and Peter Hallward for campaigning against the closure of the Philosophy course.

Hallward and Osborne were issued with letters announcing their suspension from the University with immediate effect, pending investigation into their involvement in the recent campus occupations. The suspension notice blocks them from entering University premises or contacting in any way University students and employees without the permission of Dean Ed Esche ([email protected]) or a member of the University’s Executive.

Prominent author and poet Michael Rosen has just renounced his Visiting Professorship at Middlesex University because of the actions of the University.

Download, print off and distribute the leaflet and petition protesting against Middlesex University’s outrageous decision to suspend staff and students for the ‘crime’ of campaigning to save their own jobs and courses.

Demonstrate in solidarity with victimised philosophy students and staff at Middlesex

Thu 27 May, 4pm onwards, Hendon campus.

Campaigners are also appealing for people to come to the Hendon campus on Friday 28 May from 10am onwards in solidarity with suspended students who have a hearing with management that day.

From Save Middlesex Philosophy website

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