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Events are moving quickly in austerity driven Europe. There will be a general strike in Greece on the 20th May, the fifth this year. Next Wednesday's Can't Pay Won't Pay meeting is more important than ever.

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Teachers in Italy plans strikes in June in defence of public school system. Struggle in Spain and Ireland is reviving.

There have been protests at the Irish parliament where demonstrators tried to storm the gates of the parliament, angry at the bail-outs for the banks.

A general strike is possible in Spain. And elsewhere pensioners in Romania fought running battles with police as they protested 15% cuts to their pensions.

It is in Greece that the movement has advanced furthest. Demonstrations are taking place almost on a daily basis.

They are broad based drawing from not just the organised labour and trade union movement but including sections of the middle class, young people and thousands of immigrant workers.

In towns and villages people are beginning to meet in neighbourhood committees to discuss the crisis and to organise themselves.

In Britain the new Tory government [aka the Coalition] is going to make even more savage cuts than they originally proposed. Their talk about defending front-line services is a fiction. The public sector is going to be decimated and the aim of this government is to make the poor and working classes pay for the economic crisis in its entirety.

But this will not happen without resistance. When visiting the Scottish parliament David Cameron was forced to use the back door to avoid the hundreds of protesters outside.

These are circumstances in which the Can't Pay Won't Pay: Solidarity with the Greek protests meeting now takes place. This can be an important meeting. It has two tasks.

Firstly it must continue to build on the solidarity movement that we have established with the people of Greece. We have two speakers from the Coalition of the Radical Left in Greece, Christos Giovanopoulos and Aris Vasilopoulos and they report directly on events there and outline how we can all best work together.

Secondly it must help build the broadest possible movement in this country against the ravages of the banks and the hedge funds. There will be speakers from the BA strike, from the student struggles and from the Right to Work campaign. And we shall be hearing as well from leading figures on the left, Tony Benn, Caroline Lucas MP, Paul Mackney and John Rees.

This is not one to miss.

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