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The student protesters occupying the Mansion Building at Trent Park campus were informed on Friday morning that the university management was seeking a court injunction to end their sit-in protest.

eviction noticeThis news came as a surprise to the occupiers who were in the midst of negotiations with management over the future of philosophy at Middlesex.

A statement on the Middlesex occupation website said:

"We are disappointed at the management’s provocative decision to bring lawyers in to resolve this dispute. We are currently seeking legal advice in response to these threats. We intend to continue our campaign to save philosophy at Middlesex University and intend to continue our protest at the Mansion Building in order to achieve that aim.

We urge everyone who supports our campaign to come and visit the occupied Mansion Building. We have a programme of speakers and events lined up over the weekend, including Eyal Weizman on Friday evening and Tariq Ali on Saturday afternoon."

Read the full correspondence between the student protesters and management, including the solicitors’ letter received this morning and the occupiers' reply.

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