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On Saturday, I was very proud to be part of a demonstration demanding electoral reform and proportional representation.

Like the other couple of thousand people who made it to Trafalgar Square, I was incensed at the unfair system that meant that despite the Lib Dems getting 23% of the votes, they only have 57 seats in the Commons. In contrast, the Tories have a whopping 306 seats with only 36.1% and Labour a massive 258 seats with only 29% of the votes. This unfair representation of our votes has motivated people to go and demand reform.

The demonstration was denied permission to march to Westminister. In an inspiring display of civil disobedience, we marched in a sea of purple, chanting 'Fair Votes Now' down to Westminister, past Downing St and down to Transport House where Clegg was meeting with the Liberal Democrats to agree on the next steps on forming a coalition government.

We were loud and we were passionate. 'We want to talk to Nick' became the chant and eventually Nick did emerge from the building to address us to shouts of 'Don't sell out Nick' and 'Don't do it Nick'.

Speaking through a loudhailer he accepted the petition presented by Take Back Parliament and praised the protesters to big applause. He spoke of the need for a 'new politics' but in a classic display of avoidance never mentioned the words 'electoral reform'. After this the protesters dissipated, energised and prepared for the fight that it looks like we need.

The coverage of the march was mainly positive, with one big exception. Unsurprisingly, Murdoch seems to have reacted with agression to the protest as undoubtedly he wants the Tories in power.

Watch this interview with Kay Burley on Sky where she bullies and harangues rather than interviews. Paxman she ain't, it's a transparent and pathetic attempt at intimidation.

There's another flashmob today at 5 - hopefully more people will turn up. Purple is the new black.

Video: Protesters take Sky's Kay Burley off air in response to bullying interview

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