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Participants issued a statement calling for immediate closing and relocation of Futenma US Base outside Okinawa or the country.

The rally was a record-high participation in Okinawa expressing public opinion against US Base. In 1995 some 85,000 got together protesting the rape case of a schoolgirl by US servicemen.

Today on 25th April, Okinawa was turned yellow. The organizing committee called on all inhabitants in Okinawa to use 'yellow' for a protest color by wearing yellow stole, holding a yellow handkerchief in their hand or hanging yellow cloth under eaves, for instace, in order to deliver their will of a yellow card to the government.

Relocation of Futenma Base is a critical issue between US and Japan.
Today's popular protest could force Japanese PM Hatotyama to reconsider the proposed plan of offshore land reclamation planned under the 2006 Japan-US agreement or relocation in Tokunoshima, Kagoshima near Okinawa.

Recently, the voices of reconsidering the security alliance are coming out here in Japan.

Yoko Akimoto

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