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Send support to the Greek workers fighting IMF cuts.

International capital has targeted Greece as its next victim. Hedge funds have pushed the interest on Greek government bonds to close to 14 per cent.

Just as bankers Goldman Sachs made billions betting on a default in the sub-prime housing market in the USA so now these same predators circle Greece expecting to make similar obscene sums off the backs of the people of that country.

Since the beginning of the international economic crisis the very rich have manoevered to make themselves even more wealthy.

In Britain the collective wealth of the the richest 1000 people has grown by a third in just one year, an increase of £77 billion. This is happening across the world.

Speculators now demand that in Greece wages should be cut, public services decimated and pensions ended. Greece shows us in Britain our future. In the current General Election all the main political parties propose this Greek solution.

However the people of Greece have decided to fight these cuts. Fresh strikes and demonstrations started on Monday with a 24-hour walk-out by Greece’s federation of shipping unions (PNO) that disrupted ferry services to more than 50 Aegean islands.

Public transport in Athens will shut down for six hours on Tuesday when workers stage a protest against pay cuts. And they are calling for international support.

Kriton Orfanos, a psychologist at a family centre in Athens, estimates that he has lost 10% of his salary and fears that his future pension will be slashed from 1,100 to 650 euros ( £953 to £563) a month. He said

"I have to tell the European people that they have to fight together with us because these [austerity] measures will come to other countries after us, like Italy, Portugal, Spain, even in the UK."

The Greek working class is showing us the way forward.

Working people in Greece are showing the way forward to people here and accross Europe.

We send them our congratulations and support.

Another system is possible.

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