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The conspiracy of silence over the killing of Anti-Nazi League protester Blair Peach in Southall 31 years ago continued today with the Metropolitan Police's redaction of the Cass report.

Blair PeachCommander Cass led an investigation into the death of Peach - who was struck over the head and suffered a fatal fracture - but the police refused to publish his findings until a Freedom of Information Act request was granted today.

The report remained hidden because it found that the available evidence suggested officers in the Special Patrol Group were responsible for his killing and even named the two officers most likely to have struck the fatal blow.

The Cass report has been published amid claims that the Metropolitan Police has changed - despite the fact the identity of the officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson to the ground causing fatal injuries is still being covered up.

Cass said there was an "indication" that one officer in particular, who first emerged from the carrier but whose name has been redacted from the report, was responsible and found there was a "deliberate attempt to conceal the presence of the carrier at the scene at that time".

Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan police commissioner, said he acknowledged the findings of the report that Met Police officers were responsible for Peach's death, adding: "I am particularly sorry that we haven't brought it to that definitive point where we can absolutely say what happened, why it happened, and what was the legitimacy or otherwise of that."

The commissioner also stated there is no available evidence to prosecute any of the officers involved in the brutal attack on Peach, who was protesting against a National Front meeting, and those who conspired to conceal their identity.

Peach's long-term partner, Celia Stubbs, said: "This report totally vindicates what we have always believed - that Blair was killed by one of six officers from Unit 1 of the Special Patrol Group whose names have been in the public domain over all these years."

Nazi regalia

The identities of the six officers who travelled to Beachcroft Avenue where Peach was attacked in patrol van Unit 1 have been redacted from the report despite the fact they attended an open inquest a year after Peach died.

The redactions are likely to have been made because the force has not found conclusive evidence that the six officers named by Cass were the most likely to have inflicted the fatal blow.

Inspector Alan Murray was in charge of Number One Unit SPG on the day of Peach's death. He resigned from the force in the Summer of 1980 to join his brother in a jewellery business in Scotland. He is now now a lecturer in corporate social responsibility at Sheffield University.

The other officers in the van were PC Anthony Richardson who had been with the SPG for six months; PC Michael Freestone, who claimed he was transferred out of the unit because it was "politically expedient; PC Raymond 'Chalkie' White, the van driver; PC James Scottow believed to have told Peach to get 'on your bike' after the blow and Sgt Anthony Lake who was driving a second van.

A PC Greville Bint, part of Unit One, is understood not to have been among the officers whose identities was dedacted. He gave conflicting evidence to the original inquest about where he got in and out of the van at the time of Peach's death.

Durnig a search of SPG lockers Bint was found to have been in possession of a lead weighed plaited leather covered stick, Nazi regalia, bayonets, German awards and medals from the first and second world wars. He was transferred out of the riot squad to Brixton in June 1979.

The names of the officers in Unit 1 are recorded in David Ransom's book, The Blair Peach Case: Licence to Kill which was published by the Friends of Blair Peach Committee. The six officers named by the Cass report were leaked to the Lobster magazine and also published in the Sunday Times.

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