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Academic and activist David Harvey has hit out at neoliberal academics for teaching the "same old rubbish" to their students.

video by fourmanfilms

Speaking at LSE, Harvey set out his analysis of the fundamental flaws in the capitalist system and urged his audience to build a "co-revolution" of the discontented and alienated with the deprived and dispossessed.

The huge demand for the event forced LSE to provide a video link to an additional packed theatre. The queues for the event were illustrative of a growing public desire for critical analyses of global capitalism outside of the mainstream neoliberal consensus.

Harvey's latest book, 'The Enigma of Capital' sets out the inevitability of crises in capitalism and argues for transition to a system in which the surplus of production is socially controlled. He argued that the only way to achieve this was through collective thinking and organising.

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