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Protest for justice for Chris Kaba | Photo: Oscar Cousins

Protest for justice for Chris Kaba | Photo: Oscar Cousins

Oscar Cousins reports from the protest outside New Scotland Yard against the killing by police of Chris Kaba

A clear theme emerged from the hundreds of protestors: Chris Kaba was killed by police and we will be here again and again until we get justice. We have to have stamina and must not get tired. 

Several protests against the murder of Chris Kaba took place across the UK following the suspension of the officer who shot Kaba and the family being told they will be shown the bodycam footage. 

Hundreds of people came out and met in New Scotland Yard to show support and solidarity for the grieving family. While the protest was not this time reported by Sky News to be an event of mourning for the death of an unelected head of state, it was the mourning of a family who have lost a 24-year-old loved one – a family that has now laid out a new set of demands.

These demands are that the suspended officer be interviewed under caution without any delay, there should be a charging decision within weeks not months, to have answers whether or not the officers knew that it was Chris in the car, or whether they were following a suspect vehicle, and a fourth demand (made at the protest) that the suspended officer be named. 

Several speeches were once again made highlighting and criticising the racism within the Metropolitan police. Amongst those speeches was a clear message: if there is no justice, there will be no peace. ‘Let’s make this our line in the sand’. 

It’s vital that we, as activists, make sure that we don’t get tired and that we make sure we don’t slow down. We have to ensure that Chris Kaba’s death isn’t left as just ‘another incident’. The left must get behind these protests and provide support if we are to see any kind of positive outcome to this, which means justice for Chris and his family.

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