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Stand up to Racism demonstration

Stand up to Racism demonstration, Photo: Stand up to Racism

Anti-racism day saw a broad and vibrant march through London, reports Orlando Hill

On a beautiful sunny spring day thousands of people gathered at Portland Place, near the BBC, to stand up to racism as part of the annual anti racist weekend. People came from all over England. I met people from Birmingham and Manchester. The atmosphere was lively with music and drums. 

Families with children were present. Three-year old Leo carried a tiny placard in the shape of a lollipop made by his mother stating that “Leo loves music, hates racism.” Some brought their dogs. There was a strong presence of trade unions, NEU, PSC and TUC. There were flags from Palestine and Ukraine. 

Photo: Stand up to Racism

The march went through the centre of London, down Regent Street, along Trafalgar Square and finished in Parliament Square for the rally. At Downing Street it met up with a demonstration organised by Ukraine supporters. The march stopped. One of the organisers of the SUTR march spoke to the demonstration showing solidarity to Ukraine and condemning Putin’s invasion. 

Photo: Stand up to Racism

Refugees from all wars are welcome here. The Tory government was criticised for demanding visas and limiting the number of refugees from Ukraine and all other countries. Fences should be torn down and borders opened. Protesters from both demonstrations joined in repeatingly shouting “stop the war”. An Afghan behind me corrected the crowd by shouting “stop the wars”. 

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Orlando Hill

Orlando Hill

Orlando was born in Brazil and was involved in the successful struggle for democracy in the late 1970s and 80s in that country. He teaches A level Economics. He is a member of the NEU, Counterfire and Stop the War.

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