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Anthony O'Hanlon

Anthony O'Hanlon

Anthony O'Hanlon, one of the strikers at the University of Liverpool, spoke at a recent Counterfire event about the dispute and how you can show solidarity

You can support the strikers by sending messages of solidarity, donating to the strike fund and passing the below resolution at your trade union/CLP/other branch.

Model Resolution

You can download the resolution as a Word document here

This branch notes:

1That over a thousand members of the UCU at the University of Liverpool are on strike as a response to the University’s plans to cut 32 teaching and research jobs in the faculty for Health and Life Sciences.

2That the University of Liverpool is only one of many universities across the country looking to save money by cutting back on the conditions of its workers, or by slashing jobs.

3That the University of Liverpool claims it cannot afford to continue to employ these workers, while charging students over £9k a year, paying senior management upwards of £400k, as well as turning over more than £500m a year.

This branch believes:

1That members of the UCU at the University of Liverpool are right to go on strike in response to proposed job cuts.

2That this dispute will have ramifications for similar struggles taking place/that will take place across the higher education sector and beyond.

3That the strikers deserve maximum solidarity from across the labour movement.

This branch resolves:

1To support the strike in any way possible.

2To send messages of solidarity to University of Liverpool UCU via www.ulivucunews.org.uk/solidarity

3To donate to the strike fund via www.ulivucunews.org.uk/hardship-fund

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