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Palestine demonstration, 11 May

Palestine demonstration, 11 May. Photo: Shabbir Lakha

In response to the Sheikh Jarrah evictions and bombing of Gaza, thousands gathered in London to show their outrage, reports Cici Washburn

Thousands amassed outside Downing Street for the Emergency Rally for Jerusalem – Save Sheikh Jarrah. Huge crowds of all ages and families gathered to demand the British government take action against the murderous Israeli aggression towards Palestinians. Despite every police effort to confine us to the pavement, we took the street and shut down Whitehall. The atmosphere was urgent, angry and determined.

Photo: Cici Wahsburn

The protest comes in response to the evictions of Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, the violence by Israeli soldiers against those who have protested against it and since yesterday the bombing of Gaza that killed at least 10 children.

The rally heard from Lowkey, Kevin Courtney, Lindsey German and Jeremy Corbyn among a list of speakers demonstrating their solidarity with the Palestinians. The demonstration did not contain it’s fury as the platform asked: ‘Where is Kier Starmer?’

Jeremy Corbyn said “there is a point of hope, the whole world is seeing in real time what is actually happening. Our solidarity here in London is to bring about the permanent peace in which the Palestinian people will no longer ever be under occupation again”.

As a protester remarked: “It’s so important that Palestinians see us protesting outside Downing Street - they are not alone, that’s what solidarity is about”.

This is a global struggle. The UK in particular is historically responsible and currently culpable for enabling Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the apartheid system under which Palestinians are forced to live. This makes our opposition all the more important.

The next protest will be this Saturday 15 May, assembling at 12pm at Marble Arch and marching to the Israeli Embassy.

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