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Paper-plating the Bury South Tory office. Photo: Chris Neville

Paper-plating the Bury South Tory office. Photo: Chris Neville

The anger against the Tories is growing and activists are developing creative ways of protesting, reports Chris Neville

Activists all over the country are targeting Tory MP offices in response to their callous vote against providing meals for children over the school holidays. In Greater Manchester, several newly elected Tory MPs have seen their offices targeted this week.

The People's Assembly Bury undertook two consecutive days of action at the offices of our MPs in the North and South of the borough. Starting on Wednesday night, a group of local activists, prepared with pre-written plates, and adhesive gathered to send a reminder to Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford that his abstention on the vote was unacceptable.

Lines of plates spelt out the messages 'TORY SCUM' and 'FEED THE KIDS', reflecting the anger of residents in the constituency.

The next day, in Bury North, activists plastered the office of Bury North MP, James Daly, who voted against the bill. A banner reading 'VOTED TO STARVE KIDS' was hung underneath Daly's name sign at the top of his office. A variety of messages were inscribed on the plates, including some made by local children such as 'Feed them, Meanie'.

Photo: Chris Neville

The actions were picked up in articles by local newspapers and public response to them on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, a reflection of the wider anger and resentment people still feel.

Local Tories weighed in on social media, with the leader of Bury Conservative councillors, Nicholas Jones, suggesting the police should investigate. This particular comment was met with widespread ridicule, with questions around his lack of outrage towards his own party for their reluctance to ensure our local children do not go hungry.

Actions like these prove that, even in areas affected with coronavirus restrictions, there are still creative opportunities for safe, socially-distanced political activism.

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