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Tommy Robinson at an EDL protest in 2013. Photo: Andy Thornley

Tommy Robinson at an EDL protest in 2013. Photo: Andy Thornley

On 17 November, we will be out marching against racism and the fascist thug that is Tommy Robinson - we provide leaflets for you to print and distribute

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Tommy Robinson is a fascist. Here is why...

He organises violence

Robinson has a record of violent attacks. His English Defence League caused mayhem in communities across the country. Recent Defend Tommy Robinson demonstrations have brought fear and violence to central London. In 2011 he threatened the whole Muslim community with attack.

He wants to deport all Muslims

Robinson claims his problem is with ‘Muslim extremism’. Not true. He wants to deport all Muslims. This in a 2016 tweet: ‘I’d personally send every adult male Muslim that has come into Europe over the last twelve months back tomorrow if I could. Fake refugees’.

He has been a member of fascist parties

Robinson joined the British National Party, a fascist organization, in 2004. Former leader Nick Griffin is a Holocaust denier who wants to expel all black people. In 2011 Robinson became deputy leader of the British Freedom Party, a spin-off after the BNP failed.

He still works with fascists

Tommy Robinson marches are full of fascists. Some have been filmed making Nazi salutes. Robinson’s campaign is supported by extremists like Dutch Muslim hater Geert Wilders and Generation Identity, which runs military training camps for white supremacists. Robinson supports the For Britain party which is riddled with fascists. A parliamentary candidate was a member of National Action who supported Thomas Mair, the murderer of MP Jo Cox.

Fascists in Europe and beyond are reinventing themselves because the history of fascism is so unspeakable. It is time Tommy Robinson was exposed and his organisations forced to disband.

Join the National Unity Demonstration Against Fascism and Racism on 17 November, initiated by Stand up to Racism, and supported by John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and many others.

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