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Newcastle unites against Islamophobia. Photo: Shumel Rahman

Newcastle unites against Islamophobia. Photo: Shumel Rahman

A city responds to 'Punish a Muslim Day'. Newcastle unites against Islamophobia

After the the circulation of the vile 'punish a Muslim' letter surfaced it caused fear in the Muslim community. Due to recent Islamophobic incidents this letter caused serious concern and threat to our minority Muslim community.

Tyne and Wear Citizens and Newcastle central mosque decided a message of love and unity on the 3rd April would be a good way to counter the vile letter and it would be nice if the wider community and different organisations could come together in solidarity. 

With the support of Tyne and Wear Citizens, Newcastle Unites and Stand Up To Racism over 100 people came out on a wet, cold and windy day to stand hand in hand with their Muslim brothers and sisters. We formed a human chain from the mosque to the West Rd in a show of peace, love and unity as our response to this vulgar letter, demonstrating that they can try, but will never succeed, to divide us in Newcastle.

After the demonstration the mosque showed their warm hospitality and invited everyone inside for a hot drink and a piece of cake. This provided the opportunity for everyone to talk, debate and mingle with people from all walks of life and discover the many things we had in common. But one thing that we had most in common was "we all liked cake and samosas." 

The Imam led the prayer while visitors observed and after the prayers he thanked everyone for their participation and for supporting Muslim brothers and sisters. He invited everyone to stay for as long as they wanted and  encouraged visitors to feel free to explore the mosque and ask questions. 

A massive thank you to Newcastle Unites, Tyne and Wear Citizens and Stand Up To Racism for their support. The day has been a great positive and peaceful experience and love was shared, which will continue to grow. I have learned there is more good than bad, and united we are the globe of hope.

Everyone from all the organisations are wonderful people and we would love to continue to glue us all together to tackle Islamophobia, racism and hate to make the globe glow again with love, peace and harmony. 


Love A Muslim Day- Newcastle from Simon Danby on Vimeo.

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