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People's Assembly national billboard campaign

People's Assembly national billboard campaign. Photo: People's Assembly

The People's Assembly national billboard campaign launches - if you want to see more of them, and more adverts and actions, please donate generously via the link below

Yesterday the People’s Assembly against Austerity launched its national billboard campaign, with 40 going up throughout the country. As an antidote to the endless mantra of ‘strong and stable', the theme is the threat that May and the Tories represent to the stability of people’s lives. This has been amply illustrated with the manifesto, in particular the dementia tax, which is a direct attack on a Tory sacred cow: the right of the individual to own property and leave an inheritance to their children. Now there has been a U-turn, with the policy kept but a yet-unknown cap being introduced. Even the Tory newspapers are calling it the dementia tax and using words like ‘turmoil’. More of this level of complacency, hubris and incompetence will see Labour continue to surge in the polls. 

We launched the Manchester billboards at Grosvenor St, opposite All Saints Park and Manchester Metropolitan University. Present were Counterfire members Clare Solomon, Penny Hicks, Chrissy Brand and me, aided by a good turnout from across the North West, including people who had come from as far away as Clitheroe. After taking some photographs with the banner, we marched down Oxford Rd putting up posters. 

With 16 days to go, there is everything to play for. The word on the doorstep is that the Tory manifesto is playing very badly in the type of marginal that the Tories need to hold on to in order to have a majority. After the election the struggle will continue, both within the Labour Party - where the extreme centre will make its move either via a split or another coup - and, of course, for those of us on the radical left who will need to continue to make strong arguments regarding the importance of building the movement in the extra-parliamentary arena.

The billboards are due to be up for two weeks. If you want to see more of them, and more adverts and actions, please donate generously via the link below.

People's Assembly Crowd Funder now Live!! If you want to see more of this please donate & share! Share! Share!!!


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