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What the authorities cannot do in their own name the fascists do instead: a statement by the The Syrena Collective

Fascist protestors set fire to the 'Rainbow' monument

Today, on Polish Independence Day, there was a constant police presence patrolling Skorupki and Wilcza Streets where the autonomous spaces Syrena (Siren) and Przychodnia (Clinic) are located.
At around 15:30 the Nationalists' march passed through the city centre. Suddenly all police officers disappeared from Sorupski Street.

In the same moment, a group of Neo-Nazis numbering a few dozen appeared. They tore down the chain on our gates and broke into the space. They attacked all those they found inside using machetes, bottles and sticks.

At the Syrena space at the time there were amongst others, eight children aged 3-14. But the greatest losses were born by Przychodnia. Cars were trashed and burnt, people were injured, windows were smashed. For 30 minutes, due to the withdrawal of all police from the area, we were forced to defend ourselves alone. If it were not for our steadfast attitude there could have been a tragedy. The Neo-Nazis were ready to kill.

This is how your 'patriotism' looks today. Everyone who took part in the March of Independence today is responsible for these attacks on the homes of families who have suffered eviction, pensioners, disabled people and all those who cannot afford rent or credit loans for 30 years.

This is the reality in Warsaw today - the authorities evict and the fascists beat.

We won't submit to either!

The Syrena Collective

Video: thugs attacked the squat 'clinic' in the center of Warsaw, whilst Police cut off street

Source: Popular Resistance site

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