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Statement by the People's Assembly welcomes the postal workers strike on Nov 4th - the day before the Bonfire of Austerity day of Action

The massive vote for strike action by the postal workers in the CWU is a huge boost for the anti-austerity movement.

Some 78.29% voted in favour of strike action on a turnout of 62.74%. This is a huge rejection of the Tory-led government's 'get even richer quicker' scheme that will destroy the postal service.

The vote for strike action on the 4th Nov will start two days of protest: on Nov. 5th activists from 75 People's Assemblies around the country will be taking part in a day of direct action and civil disobedience.

At our founding conference the People's Assembly called for demonstrations. strikes and direct action against austerity. Following the enormous march in Manchester for the NHS last month, with the CWU strike now joining action by the NUT, FBU, UCU and others, and with the Nov 5th day of action across the country the movement is building into a force that can beat austerity.

So join the posties on the picket line on November 4th and join the action yourself on Nov 5th!

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