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Firebox, Counterfire's political cafe project in Central London, is running an urgent appeal. Please donate generously

Firebox is up and running. We're six months in to a project that sticks two fingers up to the neoliberal dream of a 'coffee shop Britain', and puts radical culture firmly on the map. So for every coffee drunk, every meeting booked, every gig played, a huge thanks. You've helped us make this a success.

Over the next few months, we want to expand the work Firebox does even more. We have big dreams; a basement media suite where local campaigns and unions can get trained up to make their own videos and documentaries. Regular social and cultural evenings showcasing the best in left-wing comedy, music and poetry. Workshops on everything from film to food. And those are just our ideas; we're sure you have many more, and we want to hear them.

But to make this a reality, we have to keep Firebox out of the red (something you won't hear us say much otherwise!).

We're having a big fundraising appeal to help keep us fighting fit. We urgently need to raise at least £5,000 and we need your help to do it.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter with some amazing prizes up for grabs - from your own personal radical walking tour of London to free dinner for two, once a month, for a whole year!

No amount is too big or too small – we need to fund everything from coffee cups to camera suites.

£20 could buy a folding chair, meaning we can squeeze in a few more people to our packed-out meetings

£50 could fund an evening of left-wing culture in Firebox

£100 could buy a small handheld camera to help local campaigners make a viral video

Please give generously – and if you can't donate online, then any of our staff are happy to accept donations for the appeal next time you pop in.