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Cameron was given a rowdy reception by anti-cuts protestors in Scotland today reports Jonathon Shafi

Today Cameron’s trip to Scotland was interrupted by angry protesters. 150 blocked the road outside the Apex hotel where he met with Tory MSPs.

Police reacted brutally, arresting 3 campaigners for no reason.

The protesters proceeded to storm the official entrance for Cameron’s pre-talk photoshoot with Salmond and delivered a loud anti-Tory, anti-cuts message to the world’s assembled press.

Cameron was forced to take the back exit while protesters secured the press pack area making speeches, chanting and getting international anti-Cameron coverage.

An embarrassment for the Tories will be greeted with joy across Scotland, where there are more Chinese pandas than elected Tory MPs.

Coalition of Resistance members helped to make the no cuts message prominent. Build the movement everywhere to bring the Tory parasites down.

From Coalition of Resistance site

Jonathon Shafi

Jonathon Shafi

Jonathon Shafi is organiser of the International Socialist Group (ISG) Scotland. He has played a long-standing role in anti-cuts and anti-war in Glasgow and a founder member of the Radical Independence Campaign.

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