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An emergency meeting has been called after it was reported today that AC Grayling, David Cannadine, Richard Dawkins, and a selection of other academics have set up a new private university in Bloomsbury which will charge £18,000 a year.

Emergency meeting to oppose the New College of the Humanities
Monday, June 6
5:30pm - 7:30pm
B111, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

This private initiative will actually be part of the University of London: a publicly maintained and funded institution.

It has been reported that students of this new university will have access to libraries and other facilities of the University of London.

This new institution will do nothing more than to perpetuate and deepen the class divisions already present within Higher Education. We need to fight to stop this privatisation of the University of London.

Students, staff, trade unionists and other interested parties are invited to this meeting to discuss what form our opposition to this new private institution should take. We need to hold our own institutions to account for their involvement in this and to require them to make any agreements public so that they can be challenged.

From Education Activists Network

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