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Show solidarity with the victimised student protestors: Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June, 9am, Westminster City Court, 70 Horseferry Road


Last years wave of student protests against tuition fees and the scrapping of EMA came close to defeating one of the Coalition government’s most unpopular policies and inspired millions of people facing cuts up and down the country.

Yet many students arrested on those demonstrations now face serious charges. These include Bryan Simpson a Strathclyde University student who has been charged with affray for occupying the Tory Party HQ at Millbank on 10th November -a charge which carries a sentence of up to 2 years.

The occupation of Millbank took place in the context of 52,000 marching for education. It showed the anger and sense of sheer injustice that thousands felt towards a government wrecking their future and was followed by a wave of walk outs, sit ins, occupations, and marches involving hundreds of thousands up and down the country.

Now, when the introduction of £9000 fees and abolition of EMA is barring thousands of young people from post 16 education. When cuts to education are seeing thousands of lecturers sacked, the closure of departments and extinction of whole subjects from philosophy to Caribbean studies, it is vital that we unite behind all students facing charges and defend our right to protest.

Other support rallies include:

Justice for Alfie Meadows & other protesters Thurs 9 June, 9am

Justice for Bryan Simpson & Fortnum & Masons occupiers Mon 4 July, 9am. Join the Facebook group

Clare Solomon

Clare Solomon

As President of the University of London Union 2010-2011, Clare was a key organiser of the 2010 student rebellion. ‘Springtime: The New Student Rebellions’, her book on the student and youth revolts worldwide, co-edited with Tania Palmieri, is published by Verso. She is a leading member of the People's Assembly and Counterfire.

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