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A group of activists including doctors, nurses and trade unionists met recently in Leeds to discuss the way to stop Andrew Lansley's NHS Bill.

The group will soon be launched as Keep the NHS Public Leeds after a large public meeting which is being organised by a Consultant Prof Puntis aimed at healthworkers. A discussion was held whether we should push for reforms to the bill - but we overwhelmingly decided it had to be killed.

The group was really focused on getting the message out, getting out onto the streets. The following activities have been organised:

  • a weekly stall outside Harvey Nichols 11am onwards every Saturday
  • demonstrate with a healthworkers bloc 28th April as part of May Day
  • a march from St.James Hospital to LGI in Leeds city centre 14th May
  • another march planned for 28th May based in Leeds City centre (planning meeting next Thursday 28th April Leeds Packhorse 7pm)

The attacks are coming in thick and fast. The closure of beds on the oncology ward will be met by a petition and a mass meeting in Harehills.

Healthworkers on the ward are designing a petition and this will be made available on the Leeds Coalition of Resistance and Leeds Against the Cuts sites.

A healthworkers group is designing a leaflet which agitates in the workplace to go directly into the hospitals and onto the wards. Staff don't realise what is happening and they need to act now and get involved - Counterfire members argued that it was the staff who could deliver the deadly blow to the Bill - if they take action there would be massive support.

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