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Two Athens demos TMRW: A moto-demo will start at 10.30 from Pedio Areos (King Konstantinos' statue) moving around Athens in order to promote Tuesday's general strike. At the moto-demo participate various groups and campaigns, neighborhood assemblies, and the Coordination of Grassroot Trade-Unions.

Also, tomorrow night at the borough of Elliniko, the mayor
Christos Kortsidis [while on his 60th day of hunger strike against Kallikratis, a restructuring of the state and municipality map in Greece, and against the occupation and privatisation of the beach of Elliniko by the industry of the night, clubowners and corrupted political elites] will attempt along with the people of the borough the blockade of three clubs that operate illegally at the area. The meeting is for 11pm at Pezogefyra Ellinikou on Leoforos Poseidonos, Ag. Kosmas.

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