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  • Published in Music

Lowkey returned last Sunday with his second studio album, ‘Soundtrack to the Stuggle’, which reached #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Album Chart and #8 in the overall album chart in the UK.

With no record label backing him, the independent rapper has again managed to make his mark on the music world.

The 26-track album consists of 6 skits and 20 songs. Featuring the likes of hip hop heavyweights M1 (Dead Prez) and Immortal Technique from the US, it also showcases independent artists Klashnekoff and Black the Ripper from closer to home as well as up-and-coming Crazy Haze and poet Sanasiino.

As stated in the opening song, the album is a reflection of the 25 years Kareem has lived. From his family background, to the suicide of his brother, as well as the riots which occurred in the summer, we are given a personal tour of his life. There is a mixture of themes which recur throughout the album.

Songs like ‘Dreamers’ and ‘We Will Rise’ evoke strong emotions, whilst songs like ‘Long Live Palestine’, which has become the unofficial anthem of the UK movement against the Zionist occupation of Palestine, pumps energy to the listener with each line. Each song brings with it a new melody and touches on a different subject, making it easy on the ears as well as getting you thinking about the content of his lyrics.

With infectious choruses, intelligent lyricism and well-produced beats, this is well worth the £8.99 iTunes is charging!


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