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Movement links

Links to movement sites and resources for activists

Web Link Joshua Virasami: ISIS, Iraq and the "war on terror"

Web Link James Meadway: Paul Krugman, what the heck?

Web Link Sami Ramadani: If the US and Britain really want to fight Isis, here's what they should do

Web Link Is An Independent Scotland Economically Viable? An Exchange - Frances Coppola and James Meadway

Web Link Caledonia Rising - Matt Carr

Web Link Cat Boyd: If you think Yes voters were backing nationalism, then you weren’t paying attention

Web Link David Jamieson: 10 thoughts on Scotland post #indyref

Web Link Bombing will make ISIS problem worse say MPs, trade unionists, campaigners, writers, filmmakers, actors

Web Link Petition: Eric Pickles - Respect our democracy and treat councils equally!

Web Link Petition: keep rents at a rate affordable to existing tenants on the New Era Estate

Web Link Adam Ramsey: Tory Ministers and Dodgy Accountants Are Ruining Local Democracy

Web Link Petition: Stop Boris Johnson’s cuts to education & youth services!

Web Link Free arrested Hong Kong union leaders!

Web Link Petition: Foyles - Pay all workers at least the London Living Wage

Web Link Petition: No British base in Bahrain

Web Link Shaker Aamer's continued detention in Guantánamo shames us all

Web Link Tsipras victory speech: ‘This is the Greece of the workers’

Web Link Protesters march to town hall in support of West Hendon tenants

Web Link 100 leading British figures express their solidarity with Venezuela, opposing US sanctions and right-wing, anti-democratic opposition violence

Web Link The Big Ride for Palestine

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